Announcement - 23Jan19 - 1650hrs.

Dr. Bob Branch has been named to Doyel Shamley’s Executive Team as the new Executive Director of the AZ GOP when Doyel is elected. Today, Doyel Shamley, candidate for AZ GOP Chairman, has announced that Dr. Bob Branch, one of the most respected conservative Republican Leaders in Arizona, a Veteran, a man of integrity, former two-term LD13 chairman, major Trump supporter,  an amazing organizer, and a person of the highest intellect, has agreed to become the new Executive Director of the AZ GOP when Doyel is elected. Reaching out to Dr. Branch, asking why he agreed to be on Doyel Shamley’s executive team, Dr. Branch said “Doyel Shamley knows that the “Heart and Soul” of the Republican Party are the PCs, that they are the Party, that they are the grassroot activists, and that we need them for this historic event of taking back our State and making “Arizona Red Again.”

When Doyel Shamley is elected as our next AZ GOP Chairman, he has assured me that we will recruit, train, activate, and then empower our PCs. To make this State Red again, the PCs need to become a unified army!

As a decorated Combat Veteran and Military Leader, Doyel knows how to lead and unify the PC army.  As an AZ Business leader, Doyel knows how to do successful fundraising, and as a highly respected Republican leader, Doyel will help to unify our Republican Party. Under Doyel’s leadership, we will take back lost ground, and we will win back lost seats. Under Jonathan Lines, the current AZ GOP Chairman, we became a Purple State, this last election cycle, the AZ GOP lost one U.S. Senate Seat, and two US Congressional Seats, turning Arizona’s U.S. Congressional Delegation from “Red” to “Blue.” Arizona lost 40% of the State’s executive offices that Republicans held prior to the elections. Republicans were less than 3,000 votes from losing the AZ State House and from Arizona becoming a “Blue” State!!! Because of Lines, the Dems have all of the momentum. Doyel Shamley will turn the tide, and we Republicans will regain that momentum.

I am honored that Doyel, a person that I respect and admire, would ask me to assume this very important position; and when you Vote for Doyel on Saturday, I promise to not let the Republicans of this great State down. This is a very important election for our State, and Nation, so help us “Make Arizona Red Again;” elect Doyel as our new GOP Chairman.”

Doyel Shamley


AZ GOP Chairman


My name is Doyel Shamley, and I am announcing my candidacy for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. It is time for “New Leadership” before Arizona turns “Blue"!

Arizona Republicans have just witnessed how devastating poor leadership (or lack of leadership) at the helm of the AZ GOP can be on the outcome of State, county, and federal elections. 

Under the current AZ GOP Chairman, during the last election cycle, Arizona’s United States Congressional Delegation has turned “Blue,” Republican’s lost the Secretary of State's office, The Superintendent of Public Instruction's office, one seat on the Corporate Commission, a few House Seats; not to mention, all of the local and JP election disasters. Arizona is now a “Purple” State, and under the current leadership, Arizona is on auto-pilot to become a “Blue” State by 2020.

I am Doyel Shamley, I am a decorated combat veteran, and I support our President and Commander in Chief! I will stop the current trend, and I will work with you to make our State “Red” once more. In 2020, we must get President Trump reelected, we must keep Senator McSally’s Senate seat, we must gain a seat on the Corporate Commission, and we must gain seats in the AZ State House.

As the former Supervisor of Apache County, I know how important it is to support candidates at the county and local level, and also in the rural areas. The AZ GOP Chairman needs to energize all county GOP leaders, empower all Legislative Districts, foster new candidates, and register new Republican Voters.

I am Doyel Shamley, corporate CEO, and I currently provide leadership on the following boards: the Board of Directors for UofA, CALS, Natural Resource Users Law and Policy Center, the National Association of Counties Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. I am the Chairman of the Arizona Prescribed Fire Council, Commissioner on Eagar Planning and Zoning, and am on the Board of Directors National Association of Counties Public Lands Committee.

Your vote for me, Doyel Shamley, for the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party will make the difference that we need in this Party. Together we can and will “Make Arizona Red again.”